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SEO Creativity ensures that your Web site gets traffic for the keyword phrases that are most important to your business. We can place and manage your ads on the following networks: Google, Bing/MSN, Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. The selection of networks depends on the type of audience you intend to reach.

Our SEA (search engine advertising) or SEM (search engine marketing) services include SEM account setup, SEM analysis and assessment of SEM keywords, competitor research, current trend analysis, analysis and optimization of ads, creation and optimization of landing pages and monthly SEM (search engine marketing) results review. Our aim is to improve the quality of your ads, optimize titles and headlines, and optimize your marketing cost.

Google Adwords Campaign

Only after analysis and assessment of SEM keywords that best describe your product or services can we begin to optimize your SEM ad campaign. The first phase will therefore be to better understand what it is you do, review your current website, look at your competitors, and then begin research of which keywords to choose that will give you the most traffic for the least cost.


This entails headlines, texts, quality of landing pages, and more.


We will create your ads if you don't have any. If you have ads we will optimize them for each SEM campaign.


To reach its full potential the SEA process must include monitoring of results at regular intervals. We use advanced tools to provide our clients with the details they need.

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