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Search engine optimization

SEO is still important

When more than 90% of Internet users use search engines to find information, and more and more consumers do their shopping online, top results in the search engines become extremely important.

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Search engine optimization

SEO Creativity assures you through search engine optimization that your website will get top search engine positions for the search terms that are most important to you(r company). Our SEO services include the analysis and assessment of search terms, competitor research, trend analysis, analysis and optimization of the website structure, the user-friendliness, the loading speed of the pages and the content, and a regular results assessment. Our goal is to improve the search term density of your page content, optimize title and meta tags, rewrite the content where necessary, optimize interpage relations and improve pagerank. In short, search engine optimization.

Search terms research

After analyzing and assessing search terms that describe your product or services best, we start with the SEO process. The first phase will be to better understand what it is that you do, analyze your current website, view the competitors, and then start the research to choose which search terms can insure the most visitors.

Page analysis

This includes external link analysis, unnatural links, anchor texts, headings, Alt and Title tags, spam verification (hidden text, hidden links, background colored text, etc.), quality of the pages, and much more.


Page optimization

After completing the above, the page optimization process begins. Every problem is resolved and necessary things are added. From meta tags, body tags, image tags, internal links, images to written content of the page. Without optimal SEO text writing, there is no effective SEO strategy. Rest assured, SEO Creativity has individuals in its SEO team that have been doing search engine optimization since the beginning of the Internet.

SEO monitoring & reporting

To achieve its full potential, the SEO process includes evaluating results at regular intervals. We use advanced tools to provide our customers with what they have paid for, and that is results in the various search engines, but above all in Google. If necessary, adjustments are made to further strengthen the position or, if possible, to improve it. Of course, a 1st position in the search results needs no further page optimization. You can view everything in the SEO Creativity Client Center. We work hard every day to offer you more and more opportunities.

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