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Use our free metatags generator to generate the most important metatags but also important microformat tags.

The 'Target' metatag can be used to include extra keywords for a sitesearch script or for search engines that consider each and every metatag. You could also rename this metatag using a highly relevant keyword (<meta name="most_relevant_keyword" content="keyword, keyword, etc.">).

Enter initial values and generate the metatags. If not completely satisfied, edit any metatag as desired and generate the metatags again.


Required metatags and microformat tags

Site URL *
Site name *
Title * The title tag should be 65 characters maximum
Description * Between 50 and 400 characters
Keywords * Separate with commas, maximum 10 keywords
Copyright *
Robots *
Revisit after
Type *
Schema *

Optional metatags





Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V) the metatags in your Web page right after the <HEAD> tag.

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