Optimal search engine advertising (SEA)

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Search engine advertising - SEA

SEA is important

When your SEO is ok, but you really want some Web pow(d)er, you need SEA.

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Creative SEA

SEO Creativity ensures that your website gets traffic for the search terms that are most important to you(r company). We can place and manage your ads on the following networks: Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. The selection of network(s) depends on the target group you intend to reach.

Our services include account creation, analysis and evaluation of search terms, competitor research, current trend analysis, analysis and optimization of advertisements, creation and optimization of landing pages and monthly results assessment. We aim to improve the quality of your ads, optimize titles and headlines, and keep costs low and within your budget.

Why outsource SEA?

Managing the various advertising campaigns takes time, even lots of it. A healthy dose of knowledge and experience with the many advertising channels is a necessity in order to achieve optimal results for as little money as possible. The preparation of useful reports based on CTR, bounce %, CPC, ROI and so on is time-intensive. Many companies therefore choose a reliable SEA partner such as SEO Creativity. Course labels (partner this and partner that) we do not have, but 35+ years experience in publicity and marketing on national and international level, we do possess in abundance.

SEA search term research

Only after analyzing and assessing search terms that describe your product or services best, can we begin to build your advertising campaign. The first phase will be to better understand what it is you do, analyze your current website and search volumes, study the competitors, and then start the research to choose which search terms can generate the most traffic at the lowest cost.

SEA analysis

  • Headings and copy

  • The quality of the landing pages

  • The content of the landing pages

  • Determining URL targets - specific sites that are selected from the network

SEA creation

We will create your ads if you do not have them. Choosing the best ad types, e.g. text, images, video, mobile, etc., we'll do together. If you have existing advertisements, we will optimize them if necessary for every SEA campaign you wish to launch. Adjustment is always possible after assessment of achieved results.

SEA result control

To achieve its full potential, the SEA process includes assessment of results at regular intervals. We use advanced tools to provide our customers with what they pay for. If necessary, adjustments are made to improve the results, among other things. Bid management, exclusion words, budget allocation and retargeting of target groups. You can view everything in the SEO Creativity Client Center. We work hard every day to offer you more and more tools.

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