Search engine optimization

Noticeable results through creative SEO

Search engine optimization

Is SEO still possible?

When more than 90% of Internet users use search engines to find information, and more and more consumers do their shopping online, top results in the search engines are important. But getting top results has become 'almost' impossible.

More and more Web sites drown you out

Pagerank and link popularity: not for small businesses?

Webmaster Guidelines: SERPs, Google updates, algorithms, white/black hat, sitemaps, etc...

Domain authority and pagerank

Detailed reports from SEO gurus

Search engine optimization

SEO has become a casino game. And the results of the two main search engines are heavily geared toward free stuff, .edu, .org and big sites such as Wikipedia and alike. In other words, you're lucky if you get a 3rd page position without paying high click rates. And whomever tells you differently, like the 1000000s of SEO specialists all over, are after one thing only, your money! The truth is, they cannot promise you anything. Seen this? It takes at least 12 months to get to good results? Right, so in the meantime you pay a nice monthly amount and wait.

Search terms research

Analyzing and assessing search terms that describe your product or services best, is only good for one thing. You can see the number of selected search terms used in a given time period. It gives you a reasonable idea of how popular given search terms are. So you can better determine which search terms are the most relevant when building your pages. But, what this great Google tool does not tell you, is that a lot of search terms are determined to be money makers, and that means no top results for those, unless you pay! And to make it worse, only the top payers are on the first page(s) of Google. All others are mostly distributed throughout the 'network'. And you'd better go through the whole list unless you want to be shown on Web sites in China, Fiji, Tibet, and other far away totally irrelevant locations.

Page analysis

There are a lot of things to consider when building a page. External links, unnatural links, anchor texts, headings, Alt and Title tags, spam verification (hidden text, hidden links, background colored text, etc.), quality of the content, and so much more. It is a lot of work! And for what exactly? To be found on page 30, if you're lucky?


Page optimization

Now the page optimization process begins. From meta tags, body tags, image tags, internal links, images to written content of the page. According to so-called SEO gurus, that is. The reality is, that no matter what you do, NO ONE can guarantee you ANY results. And we have individuals in our 'SEO' team that have been doing search engine optimization since the beginning of the Internet before anyone else did and Google even existed. And then it actually worked!

SEO monitoring

A total SEO process includes evaluating results at regular intervals. We can use 'advanced' tools to do this. But again, it's just a crap shoot. Whether or not, your SEO expenditure will actually bear fruit, is just about anyone's guess.

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