Who is SEO Creativity?

What we do and such

About SEO Creativity

Our mission

We help small to large companies increase their visibility in the marketplace with millions of targeted consumers. Consistently and efficiently through effective marketing strategies, strategic planning and state-of-the-art online marketing solutions.

The customers you see in our showcase are just an example of the customers we have in our portfolio, and have been working with over the years (since 1994!) and enjoy our leading designs, search engine marketing and SEO expertise.

Our strengths

Knowhow 100%
User friendliness 100%
Experience 100%
Price 100%
Joy in our work100%

Our brain

Our lead designer/developer/SEO Guru/Visionary has over 25 years of experience building web sites, small and large (even for multinational giants). He is a HTML5/CGI/PHP/MySQL/jQuery/Vue/WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/E-commerce web developer and has been around since the beginning of the Internet, and even before that selling on CompuServe.

He was also the first one to sell a new service to customers back then that he called 'Web marketing'. His peers laughed, but when his clients paid the extra price gladly and were happily surprised with the quick results, his idea was copied in no time. And nowadays there are more 'Web marketing gurus' than there are Web designers. It became a business in its own right.

Is your Webdesign mobile friendly?  And SEO Creativity?

Our design and marketing teams are specialized in:

Our Web developers are specialized in:

  •   Website design and development
  •   E-commerce solutions
  •   Static HTML5 / Bootstrap 5 / CSS3 / jQuery
  •   WordPress or Joomla CMS
  •   PHP / MySQL / MariaDb
  •   UI/UX design
  •   Social media cover page design

Our SEO team is specialized in:

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