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Frequently Asked Questions

We can do so many things for you! All related to your Web presence of course. Create a Website, optimize a Website, develop Web applications, optimize your SEO, manage your SEA, design your logo, develop your brand, and so much more!
Only after analysis and assessment of keywords that best describe your product or services can we begin to optimize your Web site. The first phase will therefore be to better understand what it is you do, review your current website, look at your competitors, and then begin research of which keywords to choose that will give you the most traffic for the least cost.

This entails external link analysis, unnatural links, anchor texts, headers, Alt and Title tags, spam audit (cloaking, hidden text, hidden links, background colored text, etc.), quality of content of pages, and more.

Website optimization is necessary to eliminate all weaknesses and add strengths. From meta tags, body tags, image tags, internal links, images and written content of all pages. Without optimal SEO copywriting and proper Web site structure, there is no effective SEO strategy. Relax, SEO Creativity has specialists in the SEO team personen who have been doing this since the beginning of the Internet.

Increasing your popularity with in-bound links is important. It increases the pagerank, the domain authority and will give additional leverage. The links from other Web sites are called backlinks. There are several options available to realize this:

  1. registrations with guides (startpages, etc.)
  2. swap links with other Web sites
  3. optimally use social media
  4. buy links, this is however a) expensive and b) outdated
To reach its full potential the SEO process must include monitoring of results at regular intervals. We use advanced tools to provide our clients with the details they need.
Regional SEO goes further than standard SEO. It envelops specific tactics which are uniquely created for each Web site. The application of regional SEO consists of initial setup fees and a monthly or annual subscription. Annual subscriptions are of course a better deal, but require a higher initial investment.
If you use a CMS solution (such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other) you can add, edit and update the content yourself. If you use a HTML solution, some knowledge of Bootstrap, HTML and CSS may be needed.
Of course. However, if you choose a Web site package, domain hosting is included.
Each project is unique. Therefore, before we can provide you with a quote, we need to assess what is needed. An SEO project can cost anywhere between $100 and $10000 per month, depending on the size of the Web site, the number of keywords, and so forth.
An SEO project can start to show results in 1 month or it shows results gradually. We normally expect to reach good results anywhere between 1 to 12 months. But, it all depends on targeted keywords. Some are easy, some are hard. To be honest, about 10-15% of Web sites are very difficult due to their competitive market. They take blood, sweat and tears to get to reasonable results. And often require SEA in addition to SEO.
An SEA project depends on your monthly budget. The base rate of our SEA services is 15% of the monthly ad spend with a monthly minimum of $500. Monthly analytics of your SEA campaign starts at $250 per month and depends on the number of keywords and number of campaigns.

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